Our Pastor


The Reverend Don Stauty serves as  Pastor for both Gloria Dei and Redeemer. He has been the Dual Parish Pastor since 2007 prior to which he served as Pastor at Redeemer. He went to college at UMD and then He participated in the DELTO  to become a Pastor through Concordia Seminary. Upon his completion of his theological studies he was ordained and then installed as Pastor of  Redeemer.  When the vacancy occured at Gloria Dei, he accepted the call to serve as the Dual Parish Pastor and was installed in 2007. 

Pastor Stauty and his wife Pam have made their home in rural Virginia since 1990. He and  Pam have been married for over 30 years. Together they have two grown sons, Joe and Karl,  who live and work in the area. In September of 2015, son Karl was united in marriage to Laura. They make their home in rural Eveleth. Pam works at the Laurentian Clinic in Virginia.  They love sailing on Lake Superior in their spare time. Pastor loves just being in the woods, enjoying the beauty of God's creation. He always has a story about the many critters that visit their country home. 

Pastor also serves as Circuit Visitor for the Iron Range Circuit of Mn North District.

Pastor Stauty is at Gloria Dei on Mondays and Wednesdays and at Redeemer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. His busy schedule keeps him in his vehicle a great deal of the time but you can always reach him these days by leaving a message on the church phone or calling the Secretary at 218-780-4739. The Pastor will call you back. His door is always open to visitors or anyone who just wants to talk. We at both churches feel very blessed to have him serving as our Shepherd.


Marcia Vietanen is the Secretary at Gloria Dei. She also serves both parishes, preparing the weekly bulletins, monthly newsletter, special service bulletins, answering the phone, caring for the new website and any other task that needs doing. She is at the office at Gloria Dei on Wednesdays from 9-3; Mondays and Fridays she is usually working from home but you can always reach her on her cellphone at (218)780-4739. 

Marcia has been a member of Gloria Dei for over 30 years. She has served as the Council/Congregation Secretary in the past .  

Marcia loves visitors and the door to her office at Gloria Dei is always open. 



Gloria Dei Council Members

President - Gary Esala

Vice President - Dan Ryan

Elders Chair - Bob Lore

Benevolence Co-Chairs - DeeDee Clemenson/Linda Koskela

Properties Chair - John Dahl

Secretary - Mike Larson

Treasurer - Peter Esala

Financial Secretary - Lorraine Jarve

Gloria Dei Elders

Bob Lore - Chair

Gary Esala, Dan Ryan, David Pike, David Tuominen, David Schmid, Wally Heinrich, Mike Larson, Ray Niemi



Redeemer Council Members

President - Dennis Cloose

Vice President - Maynard Schumacher

Secretary-Pastor Don Stauty/Dorothy Strehlow

Treasurer  - Joan Krulc

Financial Secretary - Sallie Mills

Church Properties - Craig Heglund

Evangelism - John Gross

Education - Wayne Kivela

Redeemer Elders

Dennis Cloose - Chair

Maynard Schumacher, Wayne Kivela